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Fashionable space wear

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The new space wear collection, designed for the private spaceline Virgin Galactic, combines form and function to enhance the customer experience. Sir Richard Branson will wear one of the spacesuits aboard the inaugural commercial spaceflight, expected in 2020. Photos: Virgin Galactic.

When Virgin Galactic launches an anticipated test spaceflight this year, the mission specialists on board will be decked out in specially designed space apparel. The world’s first commercial spaceline, developed by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, named the performance apparel company Under Armour® to be the maker of its technical space wear.

In order to understand and address all requirements for space travel, Under Armour began by listening to a variety of experts including astronaut trainers, pilots, doctors, engineers, apparel and footwear designers, and future astronaut customers as part of the design process. 

Safety played an important role in the choice of materials and other design factors. The spacesuit is made from lightweight flight-grade fabrics and includes cushioning in the elbows, knees and in the footwear for protection in out-of-seat zero gravity. Temperature is regulated by performance fibers and knit density, mapped to the body to provide perfect warmth and moisture management while preventing overheating or chilling. 

The materials were rigorously tested in laboratory conditions that match the environment of spaceflight. The collection also includes training suits designed to help the astronauts prepare in the days immediately before spaceflight. 

The first collection for Virgin Galactic astronauts is chic, functional and comfortable. It consists of a base layer, spacesuit, footwear, training suit and limited-edition astronaut jacket. For more information, visit

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