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Spinnova and Kemira to develop sustainable inherent dyeing

Company News | June 11, 2020 | By:

Spinnova, a sustainable fiber company, has entered long-term collaboration with the global chemicals company Kemira, to develop a highly eco-friendly inherent dyeing method of fiber. Dyeing fiber in its manufacturing process could significantly benefit both the textile industry and the environment.

Inherent dyeing in the Spinnova process means that the cellulosic fiber mass is dyed before extruding into filament. This avoids the excess use of water, energy, heavy metals and other harmful substances that go into dyeing fiber, thread and fabric as subsequent processes.

Spinnova’ s sustainable fiber and the possibility of inherently dyeing the fiber could be an environmental game changer. The textile dyeing and finishing industry is one of the most chemically intensive industries globally, and one of the worst polluters of fresh water. The traditional textile industry uses thousands of chemicals in various processes of manufacture, including dyeing and printing.

Spinnova’ s innovation originates from the pulp and paper industry, which is also one of the areas of expertise for Kemira and an important focus in the company’s R&D work towards bio-based chemicals.

Spinnova’ s strategy is to work with brand owners in developing applications before the fiber is commercially available. The company is now looking for a brand partner for the disruptive dyeing development.

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