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Balanced fabric collection for inspired interiors

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In Sweden, there is a concept known as “lagom.” It’s a way of living life in balance—not too much or too little—a stress-reducing happy medium for daily life.

Lagom is the inspiration for the 2020 collection by German textile company nya nordiska. It includes five exclusive fabric innovations using wool, linen and cotton that strike a balance in a variety of interiors.

The 2020 collection from nya nordiska creates harmonious looks with 16 fabric choices including five created by award-winning designer Bodo Sperlein. Photo: nya nordiska.

Nya nordiska worked with Bodo Sperlein, an award-winning London-based industrial designer, to create the collection. Sperlein looked to classic Swedish design to create a collection that mixes color, pattern and texture to evoke the rich simplicity and clean vision of the north. The five textiles—Blast, Blitz, Balbo CS, Boja CS and Boom—are coordinated to create a feel that is lagom, a balance that is neither excessive nor understated. 

Blast and Blitz bring a flash of drama to the collection with Cubist motifs done in a fine-threaded cotton jacquard. Balbo CS features a dot pattern that has its origin in Sperlein’s own handprint. The semi-transparent Trevira CS fabric is ideal for drapery. Boja CS, also created in Trevira CS, is a semi-transparent fabric with a coral-like design across the lightweight base. Boom rounds out the collection with warm, woolen texture. It has a print design on recycled wool and can be used for upholstery or heavy drapery. For information, visit

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