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Stryv Medical’s interns launch PPE line while learning about the textile industry

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The company’s double-layered face masks (above) are made in the USA of cotton twill. Photos: Stryv Medical.

Stryv Medical and its young workforce have launched a new line of medical gowns and masks to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by St. John’s University professors King Mukherjee and Bob Gazich, Stryv Medical’s goal is to provide college students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to learn about business and the textile industry.  

The company specializes in distributing personal protective equipment (PPE), medical fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, scrubs, lab coats and hospital gowns. Founded in 2017 with one student intern, the company has grown to a team of 20 interns from St. John’s in St. Joseph, Minn., and other educational institutions around the U.S. Mukherjee says that students are attracted to the program because they are given substantial responsibilities while working flexible schedules. While functioning remotely, every employee spends at least a few hours a week working with the company’s owners to learn what it takes for an international textile company to succeed in the 21st century. 

Stryv Medical gives college students hands-on experience in the textile industry.

“Our industry has not done a good job of reaching out beyond the industry itself,” Mukherjee says. “People don’t know about it or why they should be interested in it. What we’re doing is trying to generate some interest in our industry as a career path.” 

Narrowing its focus to assist the effort to fight Covid-19, the company has formed an international business consortium that works around the clock to provide local and international communities with essential medical equipment. This includes donating a portion of inventory to hospitals, restaurants, public services and individual consumers. For more,

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