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The Woolmark Company launches digital education platform

Company News | September 24, 2020 | By:

The Woolmark Company has launched a free online learning portal to educate along the global textile supply chain. The Woolmark Learning Centre offers a level of transparency within the industry, designed for students studying fashion, agriculture science and textile engineering; designers, brands and retailers; and manufacturers of yarn, textiles and garments.

The platform is an intuitive digital solution hosting in-depth knowledge on specific areas of the supply chain. Developed by industry experts, the coursework covers on-farm learnings and the science of the wool fiber; the manufacturing supply chain from early-stage processing through to textile and garment production; textile innovations and in-depth design coursework. The platform is structured to facilitate both fundamental and masters-level education.

Developed in response to the global shift in education towards agile, self-paced, digital learning, the platform will work to unify the global textile supply chain.

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