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Precision Textiles invests in new equipment to make PPE

October 2nd, 2020 / By: / Company News

Precision Textiles, a supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminations for the bedding, automotive, healthcare and home furnishings industries, has purchased additional manufacturing equipment to make PPE a permanent part of its product portfolio.

With the addition of six new laminating machines dedicated to producing medical gown fabric, Precision Textiles can now produce an additional 1.5 million yards of domestically sourced fabric each month. The additional machines have allowed the company to hire 25 new machine line operators and supervisors that will solely produce medical gown fabric.

“When the coronavirus pandemic erupted, we began manufacturing medical gown and mask fabrics in order for us to remain an essential business. We saw what our country needed, and we were able to respond quickly to this demand,” said Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles.

During the initial outbreak, Precision Textiles’ 210,000-square-foot manufacturing facility became an essential business providing more than 28 million yards of PPE to hospitals, businesses and non-profit organizations to-date. Along with production, which was completed in the New Jersey factory, the polyester staple film, TPU fiber and other materials used to make the fabrics were sourced domestically.

To continue making PPE domestically, Precision Textiles is committed to sourcing the necessary materials state-side, as well as bringing all PPE production to its U.S. facilities. This move will also create numerous of jobs within the industry.