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Inside-out tent hosts summer cinema

Swatches | December 1, 2020 | By:

The winning structure in a competition for the Garage Screen pop-up summer cinema pavilion was designed to resemble an inside-out Bedouin tent. Photos: Garage Screen 2020.

During the self-isolation period of the 2020 pandemic, “it became clear that some films can only exist and be perceived in theaters,” according to Evgeny Gusyatinskiy, film program curator for Garage Screen, the summer film series hosted by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.

Garage Screen’s summer pavilion, designed by Yerevan, Armenia-based architectural studio snkh, opened in August on Garage Square, following social distancing protocols. The pavilion is an “inside-out tent,” with all the load-bearing and supporting structures on the exterior, while the interior is lined with white membrane, according to a press release from the museum. 

“The red side panels inside the pavilion fulfill an acoustic function, while the pneumatic lenses under the ceiling illuminate the auditorium and distribute the sound,” says Ashot Snkhchyan, head of the snkh studio. “The project brings together numerous architectural traditions, personalities and movements, from the temporary structures of Bedouins and other nomadic peoples to the concept designs of Ivan Leonidov and Shigeru Ban.” 

The structure by snkh was one of 136 entries in a design competition. Once selected, the firm had six months to complete the project. All submitted works—from firms based in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan—were reviewed by a technical commission to meet several parameters, including spatial, function, construction and engineering solutions along with ecological sensibility. For more, visit

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