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Milliken donates reusable gowns

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Milliken donated 23,040 reusable PPE medical gowns to 15 school districts in upstate South Carolina to help alleviate the pandemic concerns of in-person teaching. Photo: Milliken & Co.

Milliken & Co. teamed up with schools near its South Carolina headquarters in late 2020 to provide more than 23,000 reusable fabric personal protective equipment (PPE) gowns to teachers, school nurses and staff. 

The gowns, donated as part of the company’s initiative to support the communities where its associates live and work, are intended to help schools alleviate the health concerns and financial burdens of educating students in person, according to a company press release. As part of the company’s manufacturing pivot to meet the demands of the ongoing pandemic, Milliken now manufactures and sells reusable Level 1 PPE gowns made with Perimeter medical fabric that are typically used in health care settings.

“As our communities prepared to transition back to in-person learning, we recognized the immediate need for PPE to support a safe environment for our children and their teachers,” said Chad McAllister, president of Milliken’s Textile Division. “We wanted to donate our products to make a difference.”

Domestically sourced and produced, the gowns may be laundered 25 or more times, offering critical protection and substantially extending PPE inventory lifetimes. For more, visit

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