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YKK highlights sustainability with digital showcase

Company News, News | February 26, 2021 | By:

YKK, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zippers and fastening products, will present its spring/summer 2022 collection digitally, in response to the ongoing global pandemic. The format will include new features such as a 3D and color options simulator, alongside virtual previews and online presentations.

At the heart of the YKK spring/summer 2022 collection is an offering of sustainable solutions: Natulon®, AcroPlating® and Vislon® Nylon tackling the ecological footprint issue in a very concrete manner.

For easier recycling YKK is offering a mono-plastic material zipper, Vislon Nylon. Due to its almost entirely polyamide structure, the zip can be easily recycled together with the nylon garment on which it is sewn, without the need for prior removal.

AcroPlating snaps and buttons use a new and exclusive YKK plating technology. The environmental benefits with AcroPlating include the significant reduction in the use of chemical consumption, GHG emissions, sludge generation, thermal energy and water use.

AcroPlating snap and buttons are available in six different color variations and are suitable for all market segments.

The Natulon series aims to reduce the use of petroleum-derived materials, emission of greenhouse gases, and disposal of plastic waste by using recycled polyester yarn for the tape material.

Alongside Natulon Ocean Sourced® and GreenRise® a partially plant-based zipper, these three options are all part of YKK’s commitment to sustainability through facilitating the recovery of materials and help reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials to limit the use of precious resources.

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