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Alchemie Technology and HeiQ create sustainable textile finishing partnership

Company News, News | May 27, 2021 | By:

Alchemie Technology, a leader in waterless, smart dyeing technology, has announced its partnership with HeiQ, a leader in textile innovation, as it prepares the production rollout of its NOVARATM digital multifunction finishing solution to the global textile market.

The partnership combines the expertise of the two innovators: HeiQ in creating some of the most sustainable, high-performance textile technology in the market, and Alchemie’s digital textile printing technology that is transforming the dyeing and finishing industry by reducing the environmental impact and costs of manufacturing with its waterless, digital technology.

NOVARA technology can apply single-sided or simultaneous two-sided coating of multiple finishes to specific areas of a textile, combining, for example, anti-odor and water repellence in a single fabric. It enables high performance finishing at lower costs, using on average, 50% less energy.

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