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Myovolt uses vibration as wearable recovery

Swatches | August 1, 2021 | By:

A company that pioneered and patented wearable vibration technology for athletes has now made its wearable recovery products available in the U.S. New Zealand-based Myovolt Ltd. says its products use focal vibration to massage muscles, stimulate blood flow, promote localized circulation, relieve soreness and increase flexibility for athletes. The units are equipped with vibration technology designed to be worn during warm-ups and cool-downs. Using Myovolt for as little as 10 minutes can reduce muscle and joint soreness by up to 70 percent, according to the company. The units are equipped with the Myovolt module, a vibration, software and electronics technology embedded in a soft, size-adjustable package designed to conform to the body. The company has worked with NASA and many global brands including adidas, Apple and Nike. Photo: Myovolt Ltd.

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