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Bioservo updates exoskeleton glove

Swatches | September 1, 2021 | By:

With work-related hand injuries on the rise in Europe and elsewhere, Swedish medtech company Bioservo Technologies AB is releasing an updated version of its exoskeleton glove, Ironhand® 2.0, offering improved activation, better grip and advanced data collection. The glove is designed to reduce the occurrence of repetitive strain injuries of the hand in industry workplaces by mimicking the grasp movements of the user’s hands. This provides extra strength and endurance to the grip, which helps the worker to conserve energy and reduces the risk of injuries and chronic problems with the hand. Musculoskeletal disorders are most prevalent in industries such as construction, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, transport and health care, with an aging workforce compounding the problem. Photo: Bioservo Technologies AB.

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