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IFAI Expo: Nature-based infrared wellness

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Hologenix, the makers of Celliant, has introduced a fully biodegradable infrared viscose material that is embedded with an infrared mineral complex designed to harness and reflect human energy.

Monday afternoon, during the Advanced Textiles Conference at IFAI Expo 2021, the company’s chief supply chain officer, Courtney O’Keefe, delivered a detailed presentation on the new technology, which embeds Celliant’s infrared wellness mineral complex into viscose for the first time. Celliant is typically combined with polyester and many of the products currently on the market that include Celliant, such as sportswear or linens, are made from polyester.

Kelheim Fibres has partnered with Hologenix to make this new material. According to the presentation, Kelheim’s viscose is based on renewable plant material, such as eucalyptus and birch, and is fully biodegradable. O’Keeffe said that Celliant’s proprietary mix of inorganic compounds is also fully biodegradable. When combined, the end product not only offers healing properties, but is kind to the environment at the end of a product’s life.

Kelheim is located in southern Germany near the Danube River. Their manufacturing plant is ISO 14001 certified, which means they use an ISO-approved environmental management system to monitor their ongoing manufacturing operations. She added that the plant material Kelheim uses is not from heritage forests.

Celliant is considered a bioceramic, has been determined by the FDA as a medical device and is naturally odor inhibiting. O’Keefe said Celliant has also been approved for apparel worn by Olympic athletes.

Whether the end material is polyester or viscose, Celliant is added to the emulsion process and thus remains fully active throughout the full life of a garment or other textile.

O’Keefe explained, human cells absorb oxygen to create energy and the human body has over 10 trillion cells. Celliant’s proprietary compound has been designed to harness and reflect energy back into one’s cells. The result is a fabric that has potentially healing and endurance-enhancing properties.

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