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Nextil Group unifies Spanish production

Swatches | December 1, 2021 | By:

Nextil headquarters in El Masnou, Spain, has unified production in two of its Spanish facilities. Photo: Nextil.

Nextil Group, one of the largest groups in the European textile industry, has combined its Dogi and Ritex production facilities in El Masnou, Barcelona. The two companies will become one large textile production plant. The combined operation will be known as NEFE (Nextil Elastic Fabrics Europe), where elastic fabric will continue to be manufactured.

The move is part of a commercial reorganization, which now operates by product units (Luxury, Sport, Swimwear, Intimate Apparel and Medical Fabrics) instead of depending on each production center. 

The new approach will enable customers to arrange different services (fabric, garment, sustainable dyeing) through a single point of contact, which facilitates cross-selling. 

“We have different research projects with several European universities and technology companies that will soon come to light,” noted Nextil CEO Manuel Martos. These projects focus on innovation and sustainability to create highly technical and specialized fabrics, as well as cutting-edge machinery to optimize and reduce energy and resource consumption during textile production.  

The combined Spanish facilities bring other advantages, such as simplified financial transactions, consistent technological and administrative licensing, and greater negotiation capabilities with suppliers thanks to increased purchasing volume and economies of scale.

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