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A different kind of label

Swatches | February 1, 2022 | By:

Nisolo will include a “Facts Label” with each of its products in an effort to educate consumers about fashion’s impact on people and the planet. Photo: Nisolo.

Taking a cue from the ubiquitous nutrition facts label that adorns nearly every packaged food item, Tennessee-based fashion brand Nisolo has introduced a Sustainability Facts Label, that it says is the most comprehensive label to measure a product’s impact the fashion industry has seen to date.

Nisolo, which makes leather shoes, bags and accessories, is attaching the Sustainability Facts Label to its products to show how the fashion industry continues to impact people and the planet. The labels will teach consumers something about the hundreds of people and processes involved in getting a product to market.

“As a brand focused on sustainability, we’re far from perfect,” the company announced on social media. “To hold ourselves more accountable in hopes that the industry will begin to do the same, we’re raising the bar for transparency to an unprecedented level.”

Each label features a product-specific sustainability score to help claify its social and environmental impact and a QR code that links to online information about ethical and sustainable fashion.

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