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Green Theme Technologies provides 100% PFOA/PFOS-free water-repellant treatment

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Green Theme Technologies Inc. (GTT) is launching a series of clean new products based on their dry-finishing EMPEL® platform. EMPEL delivers a water repellent DWR, anti-wicking and stain release treatment. Recent independent tests conducted by Bureau Veritas prove that EMPEL™ uses NO PFOA/PFOS in their chemistry to achieve its water-repellent fabric protection.

EMPEL™ delivers a water-repellent DWR, anti-wicking and stain release treatment.

Performance apparel brands such as Black Diamond, TREW Gear, Stoney Creek, and Artilect are currently producing apparel products that use EMPEL™.  Several household brands will join the list in 2022 as they complete their field and in-house testing.

“Since we opened for business in 2017, we’ve been gaining momentum and we anticipate 2022 will be a year of strong growth,” said GTT’s CEO David Andreas. “Thanks to our existing brand partners, consumers are choosing gear treated with EMPEL™ because it protects them from the elements better, lasts longer (than C6 options), and the chemistry is PFOA/PFOS free”.

As more brands set environmental goals for themselves, they are increasingly looking to supply chain partners to help hit those goals. GTT’s EMPEL™ platform represents the gold standard for environmentally friendly tech as it is 100% PFOA/PFOS- and water-free.

To see GTT’s EMPEL DWR in action, please visit the EMPEL Vimeo page. For more information on Green Theme Technologies, visit

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