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Arsenal uses a familiar pattern

Swatches | March 1, 2022 | By:

The new Arsenal pre-game jerseys will incorporate a pattern familiar to London’s tube riders. Photo: Adidas.

Adidas has collaborated with London’s public transport network Transport for London to launch a “football kit” (the standard equipment and attire worn by players) for the English soccer club Arsenal that uses a pattern found on Underground train seats.

The kit uses the same pattern of circles and stripes, which incorporates stylized versions of several London landmarks, that can be seen on the seats of the Piccadilly line. 

Adidas designed the “disruptive” print in collaboration with Transport for London to mark the fact that Piccadilly line trains stop at the Arsenal tube station, which is located near the club’s Populous-designed stadium. The Arsenal football club
is the only club to have a tube station named after it.

The pre-match warm-up kit will be worn by players before matches until the end of the season.

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