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Eco-friendly stain cleaner

Swatches | June 1, 2022 | By:

Textile innovator Green Theme Technologies Inc. (GTT) has launched EMPEL DSR™ a new version of its PFAS-free and water-free textile finishing treatment with a durable stain release formula. The company works to eliminate toxic chemicals, reduce water usage and pollution in creating high performance textile products. The company says that its protective PFAS-free treatment outperforms other currently available C6 and C0 options, including repelling difficult stains such as mustard, red wine, coffee, salad dressing, suntan oil and motor oil. 

The treatment was applied to polyester and acrylic fabrics commonly used in upholstery and outdoor furniture. Researchers let the stains sit for 24 hours, and then washed the samples in a home washing machine for one cycle in cold water with liquid detergent. The post laundry scores showed excellent results, based on AATCC 130 stain standards. 

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