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2022 Equipment Showcase

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How often do you find yourself in the middle of an arduous task and think “There’s got to be a better way”? In the textile and fabric industry over the last few years, there have been many jobs and processes that technology has simplified or even automated to make life easier. 

Purchasing new equipment—from sewing, sealing and cutting to measuring, finishing and installing—is an investment in the process as well as progress. The equipment you choose, especially when skilled labor is still in short supply, doesn’t replace craftsmanship—it enhances it. We asked our equipment suppliers to tell us about their latest innovations designed to help solve manufacturing problems. The equipment you’ll see in this section is designed to increase overall productivity as well as efficiency—and that translates into lower costs to your business and increased profits.

In this Specialty Fabrics Review Equipment Showcase, you’ll find some of the latest products that let you get the job done right, and get it done on time and under budget. We have broken the responses into five broad categories: Cutting, Sewing and Welding, Finishing, Installation and Operations. Take a look and see which products and innovations can help make your life easier.


HOW CAN I … automate cutting graphic patterns?

SOLUTION: PrintShot gives users the capability to cut printed graphic patterns without the need to manually arrange the printed panel in relation to the cutting program. PrintShot simply takes one picture of a printed graphic, matches the image with the corresponding PDF file, and accurately cuts the printed panel you need to make your fabric product.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Soft signage, custom printed products, furniture, apparel, inflatables, fabric graphics.

Autometrix Inc.

+1 330 754 8100  |

HOW CAN I … accurately cut fabric and save money?

SOLUTION: The HYHC High Production Cutting Machine increases the accuracy and precision of cut fabric while reducing labor costs. The machine reads a cut file that is created by CAD software and cuts in the most efficient path available to maximize your productivity. It can cut up to 4.33 inches of stacked fabric. The machine is user-friendly and easy to operate. You don’t have to have someone experienced on a cutting room floor to learn how to use the machine and to increase your productivity.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Cut and sew businesses, automotive, furniture, outdoor equipment, clothing, promotional items, aerospace and more.

Yin USA Inc.

+1 214 785 0977  |

HOW CAN I … easily feed materials to my cutter?

SOLUTION: The Eastman Eagle C135 conveyor system boasts supreme capabilities for single- to low-ply cutting requirements. It has the ability to continuously convey rolled material goods with consistent speed and control. The robust conveyor design is capable of cutting multiple layers without a plastic overlay. The C135 offers efficiency when cutting pattern pieces that exceed the table length. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Cutting fabric material, composites, fiberglass and more.

Eastman Machine Company

+1 716 856 2201  |

HOW CAN I … cut materials faster?

SOLUTION: Eastman’s S135 static table system can cut, mark and punch nearly any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second, increasing productivity and cut accuracy. The static cutting table makes it easy to handle materials like cotton, nylon and vinyl, as well as difficult-to-cut materials such as polystrand, p-tex and fiberglass-polyester blends.

RECOMMENDED FOR:  Prototypes, one-offs and full-production runs made from a wide range of materials.

Eastman Machine Company

+1 716 856 2201  |

HOW CAN I … eliminate fraying and lint when cutting fabric?

SOLUTION: Eastman Machine Company’s L135 Laser System is designed to eliminate fraying and minimize lint, reduce defects from wrinkling and pulling, and make detailed cuts, perforations and engravings. Fraying is eliminated and lint is minimized by simultaneously cutting and sealing edges. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Precise fabric cutting.

Eastman Machine Company

+1 716 856 2201  |

HOW CAN I … automate fabric sheeting and splitting?

SOLUTION:  The Fox Company’s SHS Automatic Fabric Sheeting and Slitting Machine is used to unroll and feed individual plies of materials to a specific length up to 100 feet, cross-cut from the roll side, and drop into a bin or cart with no end waste. It can also feed onto a conveyor. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any application where a company is cutting to length squares and rectangles quickly. 

The Fox Company

+1 704 399 4581  |

HOW CAN I … save labor costs when cutting material?

SOLUTION: The SA-501 Semi-Automatic Pull Cut Machine is used to pull individual plies of materials to a specific length up to 20 feet, cross-cut from the roll side and repeat to stack with no end waste. This allows one person to do the job of two people. The operator simply pushes the SA-501 to a predetermined length and pushes a button to engage the cross-cut knife. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any application where a company is stack cutting or needs to pull and stack fabric up for squares and rectangles quickly. 

The Fox Company

+1 704 399 4581  |


HOW CAN I … finish different sized projects with straight-line joining?

SOLUTION: The 700 Series Impulse Welder comes in multiple sizes to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to welding solutions. It offers customized, integrated guides for welding zippers, keders and splines to shades, pergolas and tent structures. It also offers fully guided and automated joining and pocketing at the push of a button.

The 700 Series offers an easy-to-use welding solution that is safe, has low-energy consumption and doesn’t require any specialized training or skilled operators.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sun protection.

Sigma Engineering Systems

+1 303 327 1881  |

HOW CAN I … get quality work from a bench press?

SOLUTION: Stimpsons 405 Bench Press, featuring quick-change tooling and a heavy-duty cast aluminum frame, has been the choice of industrial fabric professionals for more than 100 years. While its operation is manual, the quality of work it produces equals that of large automatic machines. The 405 is appropriate for Stimpson sheet metal, self-piercing, and rolled rim grommets up to size #4, and up to #3 stainless steel rolled rim grommets. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Installing grommets.


877 765 0748  |

HOW CAN I … set grommets and washers securely? 

SOLUTION: Stimpson’s new hole punch set is the latest addition to the company’s line of tooling and accessories, allowing customers to single-source everything needed to set grommets and washers securely. The punch cuts hole sizes from 13/16 inch to 1½ inches corresponding with Stimpson #6 through #10 rolled rim grommets and spur washers. Operators can also use the punch to cut a hole regardless of whether they are setting grommets and washers or not. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Hole punching fabrics.


877 765 0748  |

HOW CAN I … quickly install snap fasteners?

SOLUTION: Stimpson’s  24-Line Snap Sets can be used on the go or on the production line with Stimpson’s modular hand drive. This portable snap set hand drive tool features a modular design, enabling users to change the top and bottom setting tools from “cap and socket” to “stud and post” using the same bolster and handle. This snap set modular hand drive is available in a basic set, including everything needed to set snap sets immediately.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Cloth-to-cloth or cloth-to-surface marine applications.


877 765 0748  |


HOW CAN I … create custom fabric welds?

SOLUTION: The T300 was designed to do straight seams, curved seams and three-dimensional products. It can make nearly any seam type with the use of hems, overlaps, pole pockets and more. If multiple technologies may be required for finishing products, the T300 can be equipped with hot air welding and hot wedge welding or have the ability to do both.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Awning, marine, shelters, sign, tarp and tent.

Miller Weldmaster

+1 330 833 6739  |

HOW CAN I … make it easy for new sewers to learn. 

SOLUTION: The Consew Automatic Walking Foot works without compressed air. With an adjustable speed control, users will be changing bobbins less frequently. It’s a quiet, energy-efficient user-friendly machine at a low cost.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All sewn products, including auto, marine, furniture, apparel, military, medical, tents, awnings, shades and more.


+1 212 741 7788 |

HOW CAN I … prevent overlap from being welded?

SOLUTION: Forsstrom’s Tube Closing Tool prevents overlap from being welded together with bottom material when manufacturing a tube. The tool has a plate that is placed inside the tube to prevent the layers from being welded together. The tool is attached to the tool holder and automatically follows the traveling machine when it moves to make the next weld.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Fabric welders.

Forsstrom High Frequency AB

+1 465 236 6660  |

HOW CAN I … automate my welding?

SOLUTION: Perseo is an automatic welding machine powered by electricity, so no compressed air is needed. It automatically collects all the data of operation and production so customers can identify when, where, how and by whom a product was produced. Production supervisors can monitor and operate the machine remotely from a computer and modify parameters. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sun protection products (roller blinds, exterior screens, awnings), and the finishing process of digital printing products like banners, flags and SEGs. 

Matic S.A.

+34 93 274 5006  |

HOW CAN I … extend the machine arm for difficult to sew projects?

SOLUTION: Hoffman Brothers’ custom extensions add a longer arm length to standard sewing machines. Lengthening the workspace around the sewing machine also accommodates material handling challenges, which creates new manufacturing opportunities for difficult to sew products.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Difficult sewing jobs.

Hoffman Brothers

+1 847 671 1550  |

HOW CAN I … use less power in fabric welding?

SOLUTION: The SEAMTEK W-900 AT is a stationary industrial fabric welder that is extremely energy efficient and safe for users. The welder was designed to consume less power while providing a superior finished product. The SEAMTEK W-900 AT’s wedge uses low voltage to heat up and cool down quickly. The low voltage wedge only consumes power during
the active welding time. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Inflatables, tents, covers, tarps, awnings, shades, banners and many others.

Leister Technologies

+1 630 760 000  |

HOW CAN I … speed up production?

SOLUTION: The MAC 3000 fully automatic attaching machine speeds up production and reduces operator fatigue by eliminating the need to hand-feed the parts into the setting dies.

The machine has a cycle speed of 200 sets per minute. It also has motorized hoppers that keep the tracks full so the operator has a constant flow of parts into the setting area.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Marine, automotive, apparel and medical.


+1 574 264 1185  |


HOW CAN I … save water when dyeing thread and yarn?

SOLUTION: Twine’s TS-1800 is a waterless technology that eliminates water pollution by protecting water streams from dye-related pollutants. TS-1800 reduces environmental impact and uses only nanoliters of ink rather than the large quantities of ink used in the traditional process. Users can create custom colors by selecting RGB or LAB values.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sewing, knitting and embroidery needs. 

Henderson Sewing Machine

+1 334 488 4534  |

HOW CAN I … create multiple roller shades in limited space?

SOLUTION: The Ultra XY 2.0 is designed to produce high volume in limited space. It is a multi-blade cutter designed specifically for high-volume roller shade production that feeds out cut-to-size shades. This space-saving, single-user-operated unit automatically cuts hundreds of shades with minimal supervision and time.

RECOMMENDED FOR: High-volume fabric cutting equipment for the hospitality and commercial roller shade manufacturing market.


+1 626 256 4800 |

HOW CAN I… keep track of all my operations?

SOLUTION: Optio’s Shop Floor Control Software transforms manufacturing by tracking value streams and production orders, in real-time on the shop floor and connecting the ecosystem. It analyzes the use process and station statistics to get actionable insights for continuous improvement.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Mapping operations and product flow through the manufacturing process, tracking operational efficiencies. 

Henderson Sewing Machine

+1 334 488 4534  |

HOW CAN I … improve digital templating for canvas?

SOLUTION: Prodim’s Proliner Canvas package is the complete solution for improving your digital templating process of canvas constructions on-site as well as in the office. It provides all the tools you need to make sure your templating projects get done easier, faster and precisely.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Templaters and fabricators.


+1 772 465 4000 |


HOW CAN I … easily install flooring?

SOLUTION: B&R’s T-Deck Standup Flooring Tool includes 1/2-inch drive socket adapter. Socket bits can be stored in the main shaft along with the 1/2-inch drive adapter.  Socket bits are field replaceable from most hardware stores. Choose between a variety of bits for all different kinds of flooring locks. (Bits sold seperately.)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Flooring, rental and tents.

B&R Innovations

+1 516 388 0884  |

HOW CAN I … lift small tent frames?

SOLUTION: The Frame Tent Lifting Pole is a great accessory for lifting small frame tents. The super lightweight lifting pole can assist in lifting the frame to get legs on without standing on a ladder. It features all-aluminum construction and measures 76-inches tall and 32 inches wide.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Tent installation.

B&R Innovations

+1 516 388 0884  |

HOW CAN I … safely lift a tent without a jack?

SOLUTION: The T-Rex Tent Erector reduces labor costs, eliminates the need for manual tent jacks and is a safer way to lift a tent than manual labor. The T-Rex Tent Erector is a remote-powered machine that lifts pole tents, frame tents and pulls tops on either from the ground or in the air.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Commercial tent installations.

Rainier Tent

+1 425 251 1800  |

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