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Graphene nanotubes in yarn

Swatches | September 1, 2022 | By:

An electroconductive textile glove with touch-screen functionality that can be used by machine operators. Photo: OCSiAl

Because of the high demand for interactive electronic textiles, CoatYarn, an Italian company that, as its name suggests, specializes in coated yarns, has expanded its product line with a thermoplastic polyurethane yarn enhanced with graphene nanotubes provided by OCSiAl, maker of single wall carbon nanotubes. It can be used in various electrostatic-sensitive sectors such as health care, mining, and oil and gas production. One of the end market applications is electroconductive textile gloves with touch-screen functionality that can be used by the operators of loading machines.

“Graphene nanotubes result not only in stable and permanent conductivity but, unlike standard additives, in preserved textile
excellent resistance to abrasion, alkali, hydrolysis, microbial attack, and remarkable soft-skin feeling effect,” says Shai Nathan, production and quality manager of CoatYarn.

The enhanced durability and reliability of the novel electrostatic discharging material provides the foundation for developing safe and functional personal protective clothing, conveyor belts and textile bags. The flexible e-textile, with the ability to receive, store, and transmit data and signals, can be considered as sensors and used in health care for measuring temperature, biopotentials, acoustic, ultrasound, pressure and radiation.

“The new e-textile has a great potential for application in various spheres. For example, the electroconductive network created by graphene nanotubes inside the fabric allows yarn to be heated, turning textile into a promising multifunctional material for automotive and building interiors, and sportswear,” says Phillippe Bichot, OCSiAI’s technical sales manager for coatings.

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