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Material reacts to body heat

Swatches | November 1, 2022 | By:

Japan-based Mitsui Chemicals has developed a new material that detects and responds to body temperature. Called HUMOFIT®, the material becomes flexible when heated, making it easier to deform. When cooled down, it becomes hard. The material was developed with the concept of “being close to people.” 

The jacket made from HUMOFIT fits the wearer snugly to retain body heat. 

In fact, the name HUMOFIT is a combination of the words HUman, therMO and FIT, as the new material senses human body temperature and gently wraps the body it touches.

When heated, the material can easily bend, fold, twist or stretch without force being applied.

The HUMOFIT chair stands upright, but gently forms to the users’ bodies as they recline.

Several products are being tested, including a jacket and hood that are lined with HUMOFIT to ensure the garment fits the body closely for effective heat retention.

Potential uses for HUMOFIT include apparel, transportation, outdoor leisure products, bedding and innovative furniture.

Close up of HUMOFIT fabric swatches. Photos: HUMOFIT

A HUMOFIT chair, for example, stands upright but gradually takes on a seated position once users lean against the thermal sheet that begins to soften around their bodies the further they go back. 

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