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Self-rising hoodie

Swatches | November 1, 2022 | By:

A self infalting hoodie works without electronics and may help people with disabilities. Photo: Dan Preston

A Rice University mechanical engineer has created a hoodie jacket that can raise and lower its own hood at the push of a button without electronics. 

The hoodie does not contain an Arduino or any semiconductor chips. It has no batteries. Instead, says designer Dan Preston, the garment is constructed of pieces of commercial nylon taffeta fabric, glued together to form inflatable pouches about half the size of a business card. The pouches are connected by small soft tubes, that are embedded into the jacket. Pressing buttons on the jacket controls the flow of air from a canister of carbon dioxide through the pouches. The pouches fold and unfold to form kinks that either inflate or deflate an airbag in the hood to make it rise and fall.

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