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About our Emerging Leaders

Editorial | November 1, 2022 | By: Tim Goral

We often talk about labor issues and the ongoing problem of finding skilled workers to keep businesses afloat. But there are young, talented and dedicated people out there already. In this issue of Specialty Fabrics Review, we present brief profiles of 10 “Emerging leaders 40 and under.” (Because of space restrictions, we can only present excerpts here, so to give these emerging leaders their due, we are running their entire interviews online.) 

These are textile industry professionals whose managers and coworkers have nominated as demonstrating a commitment to the future of the industry. 

Some have literally grown up in the business, but others come from varied backgrounds, including a teacher, a chemist, a lawyer, an advertising salesperson and a marketer.

These people bring a host of fresh ideas and solutions. For example, one told us: “It’s always good to look at all the options. When you get the answer, ‘Well, we’ve always done it that way,’ keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you always must do it that way. In some cases, doing things the old-fashioned way is best, but as we continue to progress, growing in technology and skill, it’s good to use our technology background to keep an open mindset and be able to offer suggestions for improving processes. That’s one of the best things we have to offer as a generation moving forward.”

We believe these are people to watch and we hope you do too. Their excitement about the industry is infectious. As one told us, “It’s a fun, dynamic, passionate industry. You get to see how the products we make cover things; they take care of things, even if it’s just a drain or a machine moving from city to city. And if you’re on the manufacturing side, you get to see new products, new polymers and new forms of industry. You always have fun.”

Want to nominate someone for a future “Emerging leaders” feature? Write to me at and let me know.

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