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3D printing on textiles

Swatches | January 1, 2023 | By:

Stratasys, an innovator in 3D-printing technology, presented and exhibited at IFAI Expo for the first time. The technology itself is about 35 years old, but the recent move to 3D printing onto a textile substrate with the FabriX Innovation Kit takes it to the next level of access and usability. 

The direct-to-textile 3D printing uses the Stratasys TechStyle 3D printer that is capable of printing on a range of flat textile substrates up to 2.5mm thickness, and it includes carbon fiber, flexible polymers, mylar and netting. This process offers greater flexibility in the softness and density of the print, improving its drape and lightness. With 600,000 colors, it offers full color, and translucent and transparent options, with the possibility to embed electroconductive materials during the printing process by pausing and placing. 

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