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Biodesigns from grass root

Swatches | January 1, 2023 | By:

Zena Holloway has launched “Rootfull,” a collection of biodesigns grown entirely from grass root. The London-based designer and multi-disciplinary artist is exploring the possibilities for textiles for fashions that are sustainable and compostable. A post says that the root itself forms a botanical skeleton that traps carbon. Using the roots like a 3D printer, the designer lets nature weave its path through templates intricately carved into beeswax. Each growing cycle produces a different result, so every piece is unique. 

“Root is an exciting and versatile material where the most honest results are achieved by working with the natural flows of the fiber. It can be grown into large hanging structures or set and molded to form vessels and responds especially well to natural dying processes,” says Holloway. Photo: Zena Holloway

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