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Fully recyclable automotive fabric

Swatches | January 1, 2023 | By:

Selection of ReNewKnit colors. Photo: Lear Corp.

Lear Corporation, a Southfield, Mich., company specializing in automotive seating and e-systems has introduced a fully recyclable sueded material for seating and door panel applications.

Called ReNewKnit, it is a first-to-market automotive textile that is fully recyclable at its end of life. Manufactured solely with recycled materials at Lear facilities using 100% renewable electricity, it further strengthens the company’s sustainable solutions technology portfolio while supporting its carbon reduction goals.

ReNewKnit fabrics are composed of polyester yarns made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and finished with a foam-free, recycled fleece backing that further reduces water and energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

The material will challenge perceptions of reused and recycled textiles with a wide range of surfaces suitable for various interior applications and improved functionality.

“At Lear, we are positioning our surface material offerings to what we believe is the future, a global circular economy where repurposed textiles can be infinitely recycled to become the ultimate raw material for sustainable manufacturing and design,” says Frank Orsini, president of Lear’s seating business.

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