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Revolutionizing cotton

Swatches | February 1, 2023 | By:

Fibre52™ combines the comfort of cotton with the best strength and moisture-management properties of synthetic fibers. Photo: Fibre52

Houston, Texas-based Fibre52™ says it has developed a patent-pending technology to revolutionize the way cotton is prepared and dyed.

According to the company, the process substantially minimizes the use of water and energy and eliminates harsh chemicals, while also offering a more durable and vastly improved natural-performance cotton fiber to rival synthetics.

“Fibre52’s patent-pending technology combines the comfort of cotton with strength properties and moisture-management performance much better than poly-anything does, so you can be comfortable in a wider range of temperatures,” says Fibre52 president Laura Thornquist.

“This inexpensive, eco-friendly alternative technology is easily transferable, allowing textile manufacturers to utilize current machinery with no additional capital investments and repeatable in resultant coloration and shade of material with no need to change dye recipes.”

The company says by using its dye technology, the cotton retains its natural properties and allows moisture to be transferred away from the skin, as opposed to the normal clingy feel of cotton.

According to the company, its cotton serves as a smart moisture and thermal regulator, forming a layer of dry air next to the skin and ranking it high on the comfort scale.

In independent tests, Fibre52 ranked high for dynamic cooling and drying rates, and received high marks for low pilling and improved tear strength.

Fibre52 cotton provides a steady heat flux and a short drying time, proving the wearer would feel more comfortable in hot and cold temperatures due to the slow change of the microclimate.

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