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Orchestra requests tent seating for 1,700, tall enough for a bus

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With a large hospital fundraiser coming up, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra wanted to temporarily expand its home at Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Loane Bros. Inc. was tasked with the project, which aimed to provide a climate-controlled space for cocktails, dinner and dessert for the fundraiser. 

The Towson, Md., company tented outside the iconic rounded building over the triangular property, adding to and extending the protection of the curving marquee, which included the driveway to the lobby doors. 

It was not the first time Loane Bros. had worked on this unique site, but there were additional challenges this time around. Most notably, the orchestra needed full access to the lobby doors, including 12-foot high buses, for a performance the night before the fundraising event. 

Dealing with the curved marquee and the irregularly shaped triangular site, the company had to create a functional, flowing and relatively airtight setting that was open and high enough for the buses to get in and out. 

Loane Bros. used all Navi-Trac® frame tents, made by Anchor Industries, of varying widths, including custom pie-wedge sections, to follow the curve of the round sheet metal marquee. 

To allow room for the buses, the team installed tents with 13-foot high uprights at the entrance and an open gable end at the exit, which was enclosed after the buses were finished. Symphony Hall has just one entrance at one end and a curved wall of tall glass windows facing the lobby. So at the company’s suggestion, a glass company removed some sheets of glass and then Loane Bros. built custom stairway “bridges” through the open portions for more guest flow. 

The orchestra was delighted that it could host 1,700 people for cocktails and dinner as well as fill the auditorium for the concert. Loane Bros. also provided about 4,000 square feet of catering tenting.

Photos: Loane Bros. Inc.

Project name: Rounding it out(side)

Location: Baltimore, Md.

Design/Installation/Fabrication: Loane Bros. Inc., Towson, Md.

Fabric: Blackout white vinyl, Snyder Mfg. Inc.

Hardware: Navi-Trac, Anchor Industries Inc.

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