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FIBRE52 achieves ZDHC certification

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After months of rigorous testing, the Fibre52™ cotton Prepare for Dye (PFD) and dye biochemistries have been certified by ZDHC and are now on the ZDHC list of approved chemistries.

Established in 2015, ZDHC — which stands for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals — is dedicated to working with brands, suppliers, solution providers and chemical suppliers to eliminate harmful chemicals from the global supply chain. ZDHC is based in the Netherlands.

Achieving certification involved testing Fibre52’s chemistries to the ToxFMD Screened Chemistry standards required by ZDHC. This included testing of both products and residuals to prove that Fibre52’s chemistries are non-toxic, environmentally safe and fully comply with ZDHC guidelines.

With Fibre52’s ZDHC certification, mills and brands around the world now have a sustainable alternative to the traditional PFD and dye processes that use harsh chemicals, high heat and vast amounts of water. Fibre52 produces a superior cotton product, while using up to 70% less water and up to 40% less energy.

“We aim to be an industry leader by offering a net-neutral, bio-friendly chemistry that’s combined with an easy-to-adopt process for preparing and dyeing cotton,” said Laura Thornquist, president of Fibre52. “By aligning our practices with ZDHC’s guidelines, Fibre52 is playing a role in reshaping the global textile and fashion industry toward greater sustainability.”

Fibre52 is a revolutionary, environmentally safe process that prepares cotton for a perfect dye job without harsh chemicals. This is especially important for brands and mills that require ZDHC validation in order to comply with government regulations related to the chemistries they use and validation of  their sustainability claims.

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