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Loomia Technologies joins Smart Textile Alliance Supplier Network

Company News, News | October 19, 2023 | By:

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Loomia creates innovation in smart products and related data services for the smart fabrics sector. Photo: Loomia.

Loomia Technologies is now a trusted supplier in the Smart Textile Alliance Network. London-based Smart Textile Alliance is a not-for-profit organization with three core principles:

  • Promoting Smart Textile innovation by sharing informative articles, interviews, webinars and news across the company blog and Social Media platforms
  • Hosting the Trusted Smart Textile Supplier Directory, a list of companies with a proven track record of supplying high quality Smart Textile products and components.
  • Working with Ambassadors that approve the value and content of the mission to advance the e-textile industry by developing standards and facilitating cross industrial collaboration.

Loomia joins an impressive, international roster of suppliers currently in the network. The Smart Textile Alliance Suppliers Directory represents a list of companies with a proven track record of supplying high quality Smart Textile products.

“I am so pleased to welcome Loomia Technologies as a new valuable addition to the trusted supplier directory of Smart Textile Alliance. Loomia’s robust and scalable technology addresses the crucial need for seamless manufacturing of smart textiles solutions. The growth of our community proves the value of curated resources specifically tailored for developers in this industry” says Christian Dalsgaard, Chair of Smart Textile Alliance.

Loomia’s Founder, Madison Maxey, says this of the partnership: “We’re excited to be part of an alliance formed by E-textile pioneers, Christian Dalsgaard and Mili Tharakan. This new and exciting field grows through collaboration and teamwork, so we are eager to work together to find new opportunities for these materials. We hope that our solution can help add to the growth of this space and benefit engineers and designers who visit the Smart Textile Alliance website.”

Smart Textile Alliance recommends those who are looking to build Smart Textile products consult the Suppliers Directory when sourcing these technologies for products.

This is an exciting step towards making Loomia’s technology more accessible to companies around the world who are looking to utilize e-textiles.

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