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Quantum Materials acquires Innegra portfolio of high-performance fibers

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Quantum Materials, LLC, a vertically integrated manufacturer of multifilament and monofilament yarns, elastomeric woven suspension fabrics and industrial textiles, has acquired the Innegra™ portfolio of patented high-performance fibers and materials.

Innegra will serve as a foundational product to support Quantum’s growth of new technical and industrial textile solutions for the composite and textile markets.

Quantum has accelerated its capital expenditure plan over the last three years to expand the company’s manufacturing asset base to meet increased demand for domestic textile production. The expansion, which included investment in equipment and infrastructure to support the production of Innegra, has allowed the company to seamlessly merge the Innegra business into its operations post-acquisition and successfully service the brand’s current customer base.

“For over 15 years, Innegra has been effectively used across a wide range of composite applications. We are excited to incorporate Innegra and its patented range of fibers and materials into our product portfolio,” said Allen Smith, CEO of QTI Fibers. “This strategic acquisition fits within our vision of being the industry leader in the development and commercialization of technical textile solutions. As we move forward with Innegra, we see many opportunities that extend past composites, including its integration into products manufactured by the QTI company portfolio, consisting of the Quantum, Twitchell and Infinity businesses.”

Engineered to enhance and amplify the performance of composite and textile materials, Innegra is the lightest synthetic fiber commercially available and can be used as a standalone fiber, or it can be hybridized with other structural fibers or materials. It is chemically resistant, hydrophobic, tough, durable and has excellent dielectric properties, while also being flexible, ductile and fusible. The fiber also has the ability to dampen vibrations, aid impact resistance and can be synergistically combined with many other materials and fibers to improve product performance properties. Today, Innegra can be found in footwear, sporting goods, U.S. military and ballistic products, and various automotive, aerospace and marine applications.

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