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Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. announces new spider silk production facility in Vietnam

Company News, News | February 27, 2024 | By:

Kraig Labs
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc.’s Monster Silk®, which is spun by lines of transgenic silkworms and composed of a combination of spider silk protein and silkworm silk protein. Image: Kraig Labs

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. announced that it has taken possession of a new recombinant spider silk production center in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The new facility is located in the heart of Vietnam’s silk economy and will serve as the center of operations for the company’s growing spider silk production in 2024.

Kraig Labs selected this facility and is opening this new operations center to support the significant expansion of silk production scheduled for spring 2024.

Securing this new facility is happening in parallel with the company’s recently announced MOU with the Vietnam Sericulture Association (VSA) and Lam Dong Agro-Forestry Research and Experiment Center (LAREC).

Kraig Labs expects this center will serve as a central location for collaboration with the VSA and LAREC to enhance sericulture in Vietnam. The Company anticipates this facility will also serve as the distribution and collection hub for the resulting recombinant spider silk fibers, yarns, and fabrics.

The facility is in the center of Vietnam’s largest silk-producing region, providing access to fresh mulberry, sericulture staffing and cocoon reeling facilities.

“We are prepared for 2024 to be a breakthrough year for the commercialization of spider silk. Positioning our operations in the heart of Vietnam’s silk manufacturing center is a significant element of that growth,” says Kim Thompson, CEO and founder of Kraig Labs. “Our team is now preparing for the spring production trials and the launch of our new BAM 1 hybrid. We expect to have this new facility online to support these exciting milestones and the commercialization of our cost-effective, eco-friendly spider silk.”

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