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Rivercyclon DW receives drinking water standard AS/NZS 4020:2018 certification

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Rivercyclon DW
A Rivertex water treatment plant at sunset. Image: Rivertex

Rivertex, a global textile supplier, announced the release of its new Rivercyclon® DW drinking water range, which received certification to Australian and New Zealand drinking water standard 4020:2018.

The certification validates that the Rivercyclon 385 DW, Rivercyclon 455 DW and Rivercyclon 595 DW products meet the requirements for materials used in contact with drinking water. It also ensures that products are thoroughly tested and approved for safe use in applications involving contact with drinking water.

The Rivercyclon drinking water range offers an alternative to PVC-coated fabrics in various applications such as tank liners, dam liners, pond liners, floating covers and baffles, aquaculture liners and skirts, and flexible tanks. Unlike PVC-coated fabrics, Rivercyclon is a non-toxic, polypropylene-reinforced fabric and is 100% recyclable.

Additionally, it is up to 40% lighter than PVC-coated fabric, offering increased flexibility and ease of use.

“We are thrilled to receive AS/NZS 4020:2018 certification for our new Rivercyclon DW range. This certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing safe and sustainable solutions for our customers, and unlocks a wide array of applications for a large cross-section of our customer base” says Gavin Hodgins, managing director of Rivertex Australia Pty Ltd. “With the Rivercyclon® drinking water range, customers can trust that they are using products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety whilst also caring for the environment, and ensuring consumers have access to the latest non-toxic technologies in drinking water storage, regardless of the application.”

As the Rivercyclon DW range grows, Rivertex will seek additional international certifications including, BS6920, WRAS and NSF61. For more information about Rivercyclon and its range of products, visit

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