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New material debuts in dry bags

Swatches | June 1, 2024 | By:

The dry bag shown here is the Chattooga in new color royal purple, from company Watershed Drybags.
Watershed Drybags has developed a new proprietary material, Kryptothane™ Plus, for its outdoor gear dry bags. The product shown here is the Chattooga in new color royal purple. Image: Watershed Drybags

After two years of development and a third year of testing, Watershed Drybags of Asheville, N.C., has released dry bags made of a new proprietary material, Kryptothane™ Plus.

The company started with a strong and resilient 840-denier nylon base fabric and employs an extrusion process on both sides using pigmented polyurethane. The resultant coating is thicker, with enhanced UV resistance. Through a specialized roller process, the material receives a grippy embossed texture.

Watershed Drybags’ products have double or triple layers of fabric at the seams, which are RF-welded together. The company’s waterproof products include survival-equipment bags, kayak bags, totes, backpacks, gun bags, and liners and dividers that turn two items in their product lines into waterproof camera bags. Some have an optional inflate/purge valve to allow the increase or decrease of air inside a bag for flotation. Watershed Drybags have been tested down to 300 feet underwater.

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