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Autometrix Inc.

Autometrix is not only known for its well designed cutting machines and industry-leading pattern design software, but also its unique one of a kind digitizing solutions. Our automated cutting systems can revolutionize the design and manufacturing processes of any business, no matter what size, easy and efficient.


With 4 decades of experience in pattern-making software and machine design, Autometrix is a partner you can trust.  Our goal is to understand your unique business needs so we can suggest the appropriate software tools and cutting machine solutions.


Our mission is to deliver the complete automation solution that meets all of your company’s design and production needs. Autometrix machine purchases include software, installation, and on-site training provided by an Autometrix technician.  Additionally,  all of our clients receive personal software training prior to system installation.


With Autometrix automation solutions, our customers maximize their resources, minimize material waste, and greatly improve their efficiency. Take a look at a listing of our products:



Autometrix offers two simple, accurate ways to digitize your patterns, whether they are cardboard templates, hand-drawn patterns or unstitched original pieces.

CadShot Mobile: CadShot allows you to use your phone or tablet to digitize your pattern easily and accurately. It’s as simple as taking a picture with the mobile app.

Vision Module: If you have large patterns or limited space, the Autometrix Vision Module (AVM) can be mounted over your cutting table. This allows you to use your vacuum table to hold patterns flat during the digitizing process. The AVM is designed to work with both CadShot software and HideShot Solution



Accurate CAD patterns are the key to automating your cutting successfully, and PatternSmith software has made Autometrix a leader in the field of optimizing patterns for machine cutting.


In addition to PatternSmith Autometrix has a line up of software tools customized for various tasks or industries developed through the feedback and close connection we have with our customers. Some of our most commonly used software companions are as follows:

  • Eclipse – turns any style of awning in 3D into flattened 2D patterns for easy cutting (now integrated with Awning Composer)
  • Pipes 3D for complex intersections of pipe cylinders and cones
  • Slicer – turns large patterns into manageable panels
  • Revolver – Creates 2D gore patterns requires to produce any 3D object of revolution
  • Automatic Nesting – Computer-calculated nesting that drastically reduces costs by minimizing waste
  • Shades – easily creates roller and roman-style shades
  • Templates – customizes the fit for all of the patterns of a specific style
  • WorkFlow – a revolutionary new software tool from Autometrix that acts as an invisible cutting room manager who never gets tired and never makes a mistake. Once orders are received by a manufacturer, it automates the entire process that usually takes a significant time in interpreting that order for the cutting room – work orders created; patterns found; correct materials located. It eliminates all this unproductive and expensive time for you. Its power is even more apparent when those products are customizable with different sizes and material options such as spa and equipment covers, insulation covers, window shades, inflatables, dock seals, and safety apparel.



Any of our cutting machines will pay for themselves in the first year. The next 14+ years, they pay you! Performance and reliability are the hallmarks of an Autometrix cutting table. PatternSmith pairs perfectly with our tables and provides full cutting table control, offering you the ultimate automated cutting solutions. They’re fast, precise and perfect for single-ply and low-ply cutting operations. In fact they are so fast and efficient many of our customers as themselves, “Why didn’t we do this years ago?”


Choice of cutting machines are as follows:

  • The Advantage is designed to be effortless, reliable, durable cutter. It is for those who want the best but do not require the additional features our other tables offer.
  • The Radium system is equipped with a full feature-set and built-in flexibility that enables it to cut the widest range of materials with speed and precision. Companies of all types rely on the Radium to be their cutting workhorse.
  • We took the features of the Radium and turbocharged them to create the Argon.  The Argon is one of the fastest machines on the market (66 in/second). Watch profitability soar with outstanding cut-part production from a wide range of materials, all with the reliability Autometrix is known throughout the industry for.
  • Increase throughout with the Autometrix Catalyst.  These conveyorized tables come complete with a 10HP vacuum blowers with VFD, gantry and cutting head, as well as a friendly easy-to-use hardware/software interface. Material handling options allow you to customize the solution for your specific work process.


Every aspect of our tables, gantries and cutting heads are built for high performance and reliability. We achieve this level of dependability through a well-engineered, simplified design that includes:

  • Gantries made with low-mass, high strength composite, meaning less weight to move around the table and exceptional rigidity
  • Smooth motion that makes the cutting process easy on your machine
  • A modular design that makes for easy maintenance and limited downtime
  • Onboard electronics that allow for minimized cabling
  • SmartScreen, a touch screen interface that diagnoses, runs and troubleshoots the cutting machine for you!


For detailed information on all our solutions, visit us at

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