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Adding printing equipment?

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What else should an end product manufacturer consider when adding printing equipment?

Odor (for inks).
UV inks are touted as being VOC free, but they are not odor free by a long shot. We’ve had to add about $4,000 worth of ventilation per machine. We have been running 10-foot-wide solvent dye sub since 2005 and added 104-inch-wide aqueous DS inks in 2006. Since 10-foot-wide aqueous dye sub is now available, we are shutting the solvent machine down, due to the odor and the quality improvements at that width in the new printer technology.

We just tried out a new printer and it was incredibly noisy on a concrete floor. We had to install a silencer on it, a baffle on the vacuum pipe. That’s something the manufacturer doesn’t take into consideration. You’ve got a saw going, a router going, and a router can be quite whiny if it’s cutting hard material, and you add to that three or four vacuums that are blasting from different UV printers, it creates quite a racket.

— Paul Glynn, Designtex

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