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Advice for planning a fabric graphics project

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1. Early involvement by a specialist saves money and headaches.

“One of the biggest issues for our work,” says Rees, “is when we aren’t brought in early enough; then the solutions end up being applied instead of integral (not as attractive). Under these circumstances, cost obviously increases for a graphics project due to the need to tear things apart to add things like blocking, waterproofing, electrical, or the need to core-drill a beautiful finished plaza area to add structural posts, etc.”

2. Clients most often use our design services to:

> Create more identity.

> Soften a harsh architecture.

> Provide opportunities for expanded light/shade/shelter.

3. Fabric solutions are obviously much less expensive than steel and glass structures (even with replacement materials over time).

Paula Rees is the president of Maestri in Seattle, a multi-disciplinary design firm invovled in urban planning, enviornmental graphics and the marketing of real estate properties.

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