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Classic Party Rentals gives advice for green tent rentals

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Clayton Frech, vice president of sustainability and operations for Classic Party Rentals, shared these green tips for tent rental companies.

  • Having a subfloor enhances your client’s event and ensures that the carpet or turf will be in better condtion and reusable after the event.
  • For flooring structures, use reusable flooring. If you use a plywood subfloor, recycle it at the end of its life cycle. Avoid pressure-treated subfloor due to the chemical and biocide content.
  • Offer sustainable carpet (manufactured in a sustainable manufacturing facility) or recycled carpet (made from recycled bottles).
  • To maximize energy efficiency, only heat or cool a tent or structure when absolutely necessary. Make sure you have the correct size of structure for the event. Source the right type of tent for the weather conditions (for example, clear tents tend to get hotter than white tents), and properly install tenting to ensure hot or cold air does not escape the structure.
  • Use LED or other energy-efficient lighting when possible.
  • Recycle velon used to wrap poles and decorate tents.
  • Use tent pins instead of nails. Pins are reusable, and many local governments require pins.
  • As a company, evaluate inputs (purchasing), processes (consumption) and outputs (waste). Buying green can make a difference in many areas such as supplies, chemicals, inventory and energy. Reduce and recycle waste (air, water, solid, hazardous) generated throughout your operation to minimize your use of landfills. Track your progress in reducing or greening consumption and minimizing or eliminating waste.

Shelby Gonzalez is a freelance writer specializing in the environment and sustainability who lives in Bolinas, Calif.

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