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Determining a schedule of values

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The best way to understand the cost of a fabric structure is to request a schedule of values (SOV) or a breakdown of the major costs.

Design (5-15%)

Design development to construction document. Percentage varies depending on design/build vs. plans and specification approach.

Engineering (5-15%)

Awning to dome stadium. All projects require a structural analysis. It depends on how many load cases are required.

Project management (5-15%)

Varies depending on the scope of the work. Some projects are membrane only while most are single-source complete structures.

Steel and fabrication (10-60%)

Large variable. Mast-supported structures vs. frame-supported structures.

Membrane and fabrication (10-60%)

Cost varies depending on the complexity of design.

Installation (10-30%)

Cost varies depending on labor rates and location.

Equipment (5-10%)

Cost varies depending on access and site location.

Shipping (1-5%)

Membrane is fabricated around the world. Shipping cost may include sea freight, air freight, dedicated trucks. Cost varies depending on gas prices and final destination.

Samuel J. Armijos, AIA, is an architect and vice president of FabriTec Structures, a brand of USA Shade and Fabric Structures. He is the author of Fabric Architecture: Creative Resources for Shade, Signage and Shelter.

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