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Equipment in the shop: Efficient layout

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The shop at Hoover Canvas Products, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has production steps arranged in a logical order around the room and provides ample workspace, light and access to materials, machinery and tools.

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1. Sinclair Spec automatic 1-inch hot wedge welder
– For both vinyl and acrylic fabrics
– Runs on a 40-foot track
2. Wolf Pacer electronic knife
– 35 years old
– Great for cutting stacked fabrics
3. Eastman M9000 automated static cutting machine
– Cuts 95 % of custom and production run jobs
4. Computer (the “brains”) for the Eastman cutting machine
– Linked to network servers
5. Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Seam machine
– 1-inch and 2-inch hot wedge and hot air fabric sealer
– Used in production of tension structures and large awnings
6. Munro pneumatic grommet machine
7. Pfaff 1245 electric sewing machine
– There are six Pfaff machines around the perimeter of the table
8. Geo Knight & Co. Inc. heat press label machine
No more stitching in labels. Now they’re heat transferred to vinyl and acrylic fabrics
9. Kabar RF heat-sealing machine
– With heated bars and laser guides
– Used for both vinyl and acrylic material
– 4-inch-long by 1-inch-wide bar
10. Chevy 2500 HD extended cab
– Installation truck with load racks for transporting framework
11. Extra fluorescent lighting for a well-lit shop
12. Consew binding machine
13. Formica topped 1-inch plywood table

Jim Carroll Jr. of Hoover Canvas Products Co. was the subject of the June issue “Perspective” interview.

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