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Essential equipment, gotta have it

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So what do some of the industry’s leading players consider to be their most essential equipment.

What do you consider your essential piece of equipment?

“My essential equipment is the camera in my iPhone®, followed by my Gingher scissors, followed by my Autometrix cutting table, followed by my steamer!”
Elizabeth Diaz, North Beach Marine Canvas

“I am looking very closely now at 3-D measuring equipment. I think this is the next step to move the company to the next level.”
Daniel Hayes, Oklahoma Custom Canvas Products

“A right-angle drill.”
Mike Bennett, Bennett Custom Canvas

What is the best equipment buy you ever made?

“My left-handed Gingher shears.”
Elizabeth Diaz

“A Carlson plotter/cutter and a Sinclair wedge welder have been a huge advantage. Adding this equipment has greatly increased our efficiency in production. It paid for itself within the first year.”
Daniel Hayes

“A 3-D printer.”
Charles Duvall

“My Juki sewing machine.”
Barb Czarnecki

“(Years ago) our first digital printers, and more recently the EVO-33 DS.”
Tom Trutna

Maura Keller is a freelance writer based in Plymouth, Minn.

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