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Questions to ask before you invest in grand format printing

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Eight questions to ask when considering the investment in grand format printing.

  • What market segment do we reach with ourcurrent equipment and product offering?
  • What is the ROI on the investmentof wide or grand format printers andother required equipment?
  • By incorporating this printer/output intothe workplace, what markets or avenueswill it open?
  • What other pieces of equipment will beneeded to properly finish the output forthese market segments?
  • What substrates are available for printingon this equipment?
  • Do we have the right staff and business modelfor the market?
  • If we are known for producing high-end photos,do we have the clientele to get into this market?
  • Do we have the right equipment and personnelto sew different types of fabrics?

Maura Keller is a freelance writer based in Plymouth, Minn.

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