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Successful brand strategy and execution: A case study

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One example of the winning combination of strategy and execution is a small company called Beebolt®, based in Chanhassen, Minn. Kate Grussing, company owner, approached my company, Minneapolis-based Vyway® Market & Brand Strategy, several years ago to help with the company name, corporate identity and brand strategy.

The idea was to create an online community of sewing and quilting enthusiasts—people with a creative passion and dedicated to preserving the art of sewing—all of which inspired the brand name, Beebolt. We combined the concepts of a quilting bee (community) with the notion of a bolt of fabric, and came up with a strong brand name that uses the power of alliteration (double b sound) with the credibility of a federal trademark.

Moving through the strategic planning process to determine the brand’s deep purpose, core values and audacious goal, we envisioned some long-term ideas: ignite a creative movement; see a sewing machine in every target-market household; garner licensing and private label deals; open fabric boutiques in Chicago, New York and Naples, as a start.

Armed with the new name and a vision framework, we created the brand’s identity, vantage and voice. The client chose from an array of logo concepts and color palettes, selecting a fun yet chic look for the brand. We discussed a variety of competitive advantage statements, making certain the finalists chosen were aligned with what really matters to the customer. We knew from talking with prospective customers that they cared about finding quality products and advice that had already been vetted by experts. They cared about community and a sense of belonging. It was clear that customers expected not only a highly functional website packed with products and patterns, but also a highly motivating place filled with ideas and inspiration.

A guiding theme—”you are exceptionally creative”—wove its way through our work and drove a detailed key-message platform. Three small words sum up the offering: sew, learn, connect. These simple verbs appear under the logo on the website, telling guests what to expect from the Beebolt experience.

Beebolt patterned its brand after the most effective strategic models, those that place the customer at the core to keep the brand relevant. This strategic focus will help to accelerate the company’s marketplace performance and inspire an enduring brand. “All the work we did with Vyway helped us create the fabric of a great brand,” says Grussing. “Now it’s up to us to keep it innovative and relevant on behalf of the customer.”

Anne M. Berg is the principal of Vyway® Market & Brand Strategy in Minneapolis, Minn.

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