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Sustainable Green Printing

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Public opinion on environmental impact is driving manufacturers to adopt sustainable practices—and be able to demonstrate that commitment to their clients because more and more the businesses that can offer sustainable options have a leg up on those that can’t.

The Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) partnership is a print industry organization that offers certification to those companies in the printing sector based on sustainable practices. Portland Color of Portland, Maine, has recently become certified by the SGP, a process that took over a year to complete. “You have to have an operational environmental health and safety management system and a sustainability management system in place,” says Paul Glynn, Portland Color’s vice president of operations. “And then you have to come up with a plan with a measurable goal for saving resources.”

As a part of Portland’s sustainable plan, the company is focusing on reducing VOC output, as well as reducing the weight of products that it produces. Of course, one of the attributes of using fabric for backlit signage instead of hard sign is undoubtedly its light weight, a feature which is attractive to clients not only because of the environmental standpoint but also because of the cost savings in shipping and installation.

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Sigrid Tornquist is editor of InTents, a publication of the Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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