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The perfect customer

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We asked equipment manufacturers to describe their perfect customer.

The perfect customer…

…is open to new ideas and the benefits they can bring to the bottom line. No one likes changing the way they do things—if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. It goes back to what my father told me when I was just starting out: You have to take time once in a while to think about how you are doing things and see if you can improve.”
— Robert Ross, Camatron Sewing Machine Inc.

…would have their financing available to them so it’s not an obstacle and would understand the value of their investment.”
— Traci Evling, JTE Machine Systems Inc.

…wants to work in partnership with us. They come to us with a specific need, and they rely on us to point them in the right direction on how to fabricate their product. We establish trust with each other.”
— Jeff Sponseller, Miller Weldmaster Corp.

…knows the product they want to make, the material they have to use, the thread they need and the product specifications. That way, I am in a better position to give them the right product for what they have to do.”
— Steven Kaplan, S. Kaplan Sewing Machine Co. Inc.

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer based in Pine City, Calif.

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