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Trends in the fabric graphics market

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In July 2009, IFAI conducted a fabric graphics climate survey of U.S. and Canadian fabric graphics suppliers and end product manufacturers. Survey results show a more competitive environment in 2009 caused by reduced expenditures and budgets in the corporate market, a continued slow economy and slow market growth, and an increased presence of low-cost products from Asia.


Trend: Increase in green fabric and technology

Impact: Increase in production and sales of recycled fabrics change in marketing strategies and product offerings, growth in 2010

Trend: Increase in use of fabric for indoor advertising

Impact: Increase in sales

Trend:Increase in printed canopies

Impact: Increase in sales

Trend: More low-cost printed fabrics from Asia

Impact: Decline in sales and profit margins; decline in production of U.S. printed textiles

Trend: Migration to lower-priced fabric products

Impact: Lower margins

Trend: Quality issues due to usage of low cost fabrics

Impact: Customer complaints about poor quality increasing

Trend: Decrease in PVC-laminated products

Impact: More polyester products

Trend: Introduction of new inks

Impact: Potentially reduces print costs; helps grow the digital market

End product manufacturers

Trend: Decline in money available for advertising

Impact: Decline in revenue from ad programs

Trend: Poor economy

Impact: Decrease in customers/sales revenues

Trend: Wider width product

Impact: Increased sales opportunities

Trend: Increase in use of green and recycled fabrics

Impact: Increased sales opportunities

Trend: Increase in demand for shorter production cycles

Impact: Increase in growth of digital print textile market

Trend: Increase in demand for greater design variety

Impact: Greater sales opportunities; helps digital print market

Trend: Corporations downsizing; reducing budgets

Impact: Decreased sales to corporate market; less profit

Jeff Rasmussen is IFAI market research manager.

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