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US Sublimation introduces 2 new printers at IFAI Expo

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Two new Velotex printers introduced at the IFAI Expo in Las Vegas feature a patented system of synchronized cylinders for controlled media feeding and a unique built-in heat fixation module that, based on the ink used, either sublimates or cures the color on the fabric as it exits the printer unit. Both treated and untreated fabrics can be printed directly using a new generation of print heads that allow production speeds of 581 square feet per hour in four-color modes at asharp 540-by-720 dpi resolution. Velotex will be available in DS and DP versions. US Sublimation’s Velotex printers use water-based inks that are harmless to humans and the environment. The elimination of paper from the process further reduces the impact on the environment, making Velotex a viable and economic green alternative to solvent and UV printing.

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