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Printos introduces new range of heads and micro valves

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Printos of Huntingdon, England, has introduced a new range of DOD, digital, solenoid, valve jet printing/coating heads and micro valves designed to coat/print/dye most substrates using a wide range of fluids.

P16 is a highly innovative and unique technology that employs “high flow” micro valve-jets. The P16 is designed to coat, dye, or print onto mid- to heavy-weight textiles such as carpets and carpet tiles, upholstery materials, floor mats, and towels. The print heads are also well suited for printing onto wide web banners for outdoor use using solvent or UV-based inks. Other applications include fire-retardant fluids, anti microbial fluids, and microcapsules.

Its high flow capability allows for larger volumes of ink/fluid to be applied through its 16 nozzles, varying from 45 to 160 micron orifice size.

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