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SEAL® brand supports eco-friendly manufacturing

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Neschen Americas’ SEAL® brand is supporting the development and implementation of earth-friendly manufacturing processes and products within the sign and display industry through a comprehensive program the company calls Eco-Logic Manufacturing™.

The Elkridge, Md., company defines Eco-Logic Manufacturing as a philosophy and methodology based on sound business logic and environmental responsibility, encompassing research and development, engineering, and manufacturing operations. It is part of a commitment to build products that exceed the highest performance standards, while reducing the impact these products and their manufacturing have on the environment.

The root of the program stemsfrom SEAL brand’s use of advanced aqueous adhesive technologies and the related manufacturing processes that yield low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions.

“We recognize that solvent-based technologies are part of our industry, and we do manufacture and market them to meet specific application demands,” says Angela Mohni, Neschen Americas vice president of marketing. “However, we are working to bring more earth-friendly alternatives to the wide-format marketplace. As part of Eco-Logic Manufacturing, we have already identified several SEAL brand products that can be used in sign and display applications that offer biodegradable and/or water-soluble attributes, or both.”

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