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Communicating color

Products | March 1, 2008 | By:

0308_NP5Colors are difficult to describe because everyone visualizes them differently—but critical to the design and creation of any material. Acrylics USA LLC, a manufacturer of cell cast acrylic sheets, has developed a new, patented tool to make colors easier to create and share: the Peacock Color Creation Tool™. Contained in a small binder, it contains 38 clear, flexible strips, with 33 color hues and seven stripes of different density values for each hue on each strip, plus five textured sheets. Mathematically, using 33 different colors in seven different densities can create more than 42 billion colors, an invaluable tool for experimenting with different colors without mixing dyes or inks. The Peacock was originally designed for creating custom acrylic colors, but has become a valuable tool for designers and architects to quickly match, design or create a color on the spot.


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